Aerial Silks - fitness with style. In addition to building core strength and upper body fitness, working with silks will increase your flexibility, your stamina and give you the perfect outlet for that alternative creative energy. Atlanta Parkour is the perfect place to try out this unique art, with knowledgeable instructors and a supportive environment that will get you up in the air and looking awesome.


Why do Silks in our Parkour Gym, because we care about flow. Silks combines the ultimate grace with a serious workout. And what looks graceful takes confidence and effort.



Can anyone do Aerial Silks?  Absolutely! Ages 7 and up and all skill levels are welcome.


Are you open now? We are open M-F 4pm-9pm Sat 11am-5pm and Sunday 12-5pm.  Holiday schedule is on Google.


How much does it cost?  $20 to drop in a class, memberships start at $99/month


Can I use the silks during open practice?  Sadly no, an instructor must be present.


What age can I drop off my kids?  You can drop off for any class.


What do I have to do to start? Simply fill out the waiver. Show up for class.  No reservation required.


Do I need a membership? No, you can drop into class and pay for that class only.


2 Class per Week    $99/Month

Unlimited Classes   $159/Month

All memberships have a one time $25 setup fee


Class Drop In    $20            .


Private Lesson    Varies        .



Aerial Silks builds grip strength, flexibility and is a full body workout.  Some of the techniques we work on are:

Backwards Aerobeque

Forward Aerobeque

Hip Key

Hammock Drops

Basic Climb

Russian Climb

Foot Knots

Cross Back Straddle

Various Drops in Tails


Intro to Aerial Silks (recommended for all new students):

Thursday 5-6pm


Youth Aerial Silks (ages 7-17):

Thursday/Friday 6-7pm


Adult Aerial Silks (ages 18 and up):

Friday 7-8pm


All Aerial Silks (ages 7 and up):

Monday 6-7pm and 7-8pm

Saturday 11am-12pm


Advanced Aerial Silks (ages 7 and up):

Thursday 7-8pmour instructor

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Can be found at:

Atlanta Parkour

2335 Adams Drive NW

Atlanta, 30318

Phone: (678) 400-7200


Can be found at:

Atlanta Parkour

2335 Adams Drive NW

Atlanta, 30318

Phone: (678) 400-7200


Copyright 2018 | Atlanta Parkour LLC